Senior Counselling P

Counselling Psychologist
Verified Therapist Credentials


  • Company - Mentriq Mental Health Services
  • Agency Name - Mentriq Mental Health Services
  • Gurgaon, 122002

  • Contact Name - Senior Counselling P


Mrs. Bose is a Certified Psychologist and also an enthusiast in the field of Psychology. She is keen on making a difference in the lives of people through the study of mental and behavioral processes.

She also has a Degree in human resource management and wishes to apply her knowledge of Psychology in organizations and families by effective strategies of conflict resolution.She believe that ‘ Conflict is not only inevitable but also essential for the healthy growth of any relationship.’

She believes in holistic development of an individual by self-awareness through guided discovery. She believes that the Individual is the smallest unit of the society and so is the child of the family. According to her, ‘If a child is raised well, we have done great service to the entire society’.

To achieve her goal of developing a greater understanding of Human Psyche, she has been accumulating the knowledge of Psychology since last six years. Relentlessly writing blogs, articles, and papers in Psychology. Having worked in Psychiatric settings, accumulating knowledge on disorders, applying therapies to people with mental disorders, she has realized the need of proper understanding of the ‘Child’ to develop him into a healthy individual. The first 10 years of the child are the most crucial and should be dealt with great care.

She has worked with more than hundred people with a spectrum of Psychiatric disorders and is working right now with clients having depression, mood disorders, eating disorders, autism, schizophrenia, anxiety disorders, conversion disorders, somatoform disorders, dementia, substance-related disorders,Personality disorders,Marital and Relationship conflicts,career issues, general Life adjustment problems. Understanding that mental health is still a stigma in the society, she works on awareness through her writings, and videos.

There are many approaches to healing the mind but she uses all the techniques interchangeably, that she has learned, through vivid learning by getting to the root of the problem. She negates using training as a method of healing and relies more on Inner wisdom which already resides in every Individual so that they can take all the future problems head-on and be their own therapist.

She has a very positive aura and a zeal to transform human beings into their better self by Client centered therapy, Rational Emotive behavior therapy, Motivational enhancement therapy,Behavior modification therapies, Supportive psychotherapy, Social skills training, Cognitive retraining, group therapy, Family therapy,Psycho-education,Expressive therapies, and insight Oriented therapies.

She has done masters in Psychology from Madras University, Masters Human resource and marketing from Gauhati University, Masters in fine arts and its use in therapy, Certificate course in NLP, Certificate course in Positive psychology

She is also pursuing a Masters in Clinical Psychology presently apart from working on a Research paper on ‘Hallucinations’.

She aims to give her part of the contribution to the society through Interventions strengthening Mental health, spreading happiness and fostering Individual strength.


  • Years in Practice: 9 Years
  • Last Educational Institution: MADRAS UNIVERSITY
  • Year Graduated: 2016

Fee structure & payments

  • Avg Cost (per session): ‎₹2000
  • Accepts Insurance: No

Age Group of Patients

  • Adults

Therapy Type

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy /REBT


  • Anger
  • Anxiety
  • Disability
  • Dissociation
  • Relationships and Marriage
  • Self Care
  • Self Criticism
  • Self Doubt
  • Self Compassion

Last Modified: 17 April 2019