Verified Credentials
Counselling Psychologist

Counselling and therapeutic intervention to children with learning, behavioral and developmental problems.Parent counselling and educationWorkshops and training programs for parent... Read More

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Bangalore, 560070

Madhumita Bose

Verified Credentials
Counselor or Therapist

Master in psychology  Master in psychotherapy and counseling  Diploma in counseling  Certificate in child guidance   ... Read More

Ph: 8050452412

Bangalore, 560013

Pooja Khare

Verified Credentials
Cognitive Therapist

Counselling Psychologist with 10+ years of experience in counselling children, adolescent and adults. She has extensively worked with students of all age group and clients with dep... Read More

Ph: 9611106603

Bangalore, 560049

Indratapa Das

Verified Credentials
Counselor or Therapist

I am a work in progress - ever growing and evolving. My name is Indratapa Das. I am a counseling psychologist, who is passionate about helping you grow into your best self. My appr... Read More

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Bangalore, 560038

parimala guruprasad

Verified Credentials
Clinical Psychologist

counselling and clinical psychology.... Read More

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Bangalore, 6260102


Verified Credentials
Counselor or Therapist

Mr. Jeen is a Counsellor and Financial Planner, and a few years of experience in general counseling, Financial Planning, and technical writing roles. He has worked with the genera... Read More

Ph: 8105029555

Bangalore, 560077

Anuradha Palit

Verified Credentials
Clinical Psychologist, A58179

Mrs.AnuradhaPalit is RCI certified licensed Clinical Psychologist who has done her M.Phil in Clinical Psychology from Institute of Psychiatry, Centre of Excellence, Kolkata. She is... Read More

Ph: 9804683147

Bangalore, 560103

Lindo Cherian

Verified Credentials
Counselor or Therapist

I am a practicing psychotherapist. Trainied and certified in various therapeutic modalities such as Art Therapy, Gestalt psychology, Reiki and Yoga therapy.My belief is each one of... Read More

Ph: 9741756767

Bangalore, 560076

Rithvik S Kashyap

Verified Credentials
Clinical Psychologist, RCI - CRR No: A54202

“Santvana- A Center for Enhancing Psychological Well-being, situated at the heart of the city, in  Agrahara,  Near  JSS  Hospital, Mysuru where we have been serving the needs... Read More

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Mysore, 570004

Sangeetha Vasudevan

Verified Credentials
Counselling Psychologist, No

Ph: 8971760484

Bangalore, 560065

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