Sanghamitra Sau Sengupta

Verified Credentials
Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist.

Founder of Sri Healthcare- Research International Health Psychologist- Psychotherapist of Bhaktivedanta Iskcon Hospital, Sridham Mayapur National Representative- India, of Intern... Read More

Ph: 8811046995

Kolkata, 700078

Dr Anwesha Mondal

Verified Credentials
Clinical Psychologist, A24924

I am Dr Anwesha Mondal. Currently I am working as an Assistant Professor in Department of Clinical Psychology at Institute of Psychiatry-A Centre of Excellence, SSKM Hospital. I am... Read More

Ph: 8334970698

Kolkata, 700034

Bubai Dev

Verified Credentials
Counselling Psychologist

Ph: 09898183931

Thanesar, 400610

K Naveena Rao

Verified Credentials
Psychiatric Social Worker

Ph: 8971764381

Bangalore, 560034


Verified Credentials
Clinical Psychologist

Assessment:-IQ-Specific learning disability-Neuropsychological evaluation-Personality testing etc. Therapies:-Cognitive Behavioural therapy-Behavioral therapy-Acceptance and Commi... Read More

Ph: 8076575264

Delhi, 110085

Harpreet singh

Verified Credentials
Counselor and Therapist

Have you been suffering, but hiding it? Are you competent and happy on the outside, but suffering and hurting or broken on the inside? Are you afraid of what the society or the peo... Read More

Ph: 8054643210

Dhuri, 148034

Hemali Sanghvi

Verified Credentials
Clinical Psychologist

I am a  Clinical Psychologist who has completed rigorous training in the field of mental health. I am fluent in English, Kannada, Hindi and Gujarati. After completing my Masters o... Read More

Ph: 9008945776

Bangalore, 560076

V-COPE- Centre For Psychological Effectiveness

Verified Credentials
Clinical Psychologist, A30728

Consultant Clinical Psychologist  Msc, MPhil ₹800 - 1000 children & Adults  psychological Assesment, psychotherapy, counselling, Remedial Education, career gu... Read More

Ph: 9884265958

Chennai, 600084

Aishwarya Jain

Verified Credentials

Glisten Healthcare caters to emotional and behavioural reformational needs of an individual.  I have been trained in psychotherapy and counseling and believe in an elective appro... Read More

Dr.Robin Goyal

Verified Credentials

I am a Psychiatrist... Read More

Ph: 7770839777

Rewa, 486001

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