Shaheen K

Verified Credentials

A psychosocially informed psychotherapist with an M.Phil in Applied psychology (specialization in clinical and counseling practice). Experience in working with a wide range of con... Read More

Ph: 8700894843

Delhi, 110078

Nilom S

Verified Credentials
Counselor or Therapist

I am a counselor & therapist.... Read More

Ph: 9819289211

Mumbai, 400022

Arun M

Verified Credentials
Marriage and Family Therapist

Hi. I'm Arun Mathews, Psychology Counselor (Specialized in Narcissism issues) based out of Bangalore, India, offering tele-therapy to my clients in India. I have completed my profe... Read More

Ph: 7829291572

Bangalore, 560037

Suhail A

Verified Credentials

Profile description not yet added

Ph: 8287084545

Srinagar, 190001

Ekta B

Verified Credentials
Counselor or Therapist

I am an Experienced Certified Counsellor with successful experience in Human resource management, education, counselling and NGO. I’m comfortable working and communicating with p... Read More

Ph: 9880162460

Bangalore, 560103

Ajaz ahnad k

Verified Credentials
Clinical Psychologist

clinical psychology.... Read More

Ph: 7006314064

Srinagar, 190003

Sheena K

Verified Credentials
Counselling Psychologist

As a Mental Health Professional, my aim is to help people develop emotional resilience to navigate life's changes.I strive to provide a safe haven where people can discuss, explore... Read More

Ph: 9820065325

Mumbai, 400054

Counselor o

Verified Credentials
Counselling Psychologist

I'm Counselor by profession and now I'm pursuing my PhD in clinical psychology.... Read More

Ph: 9598880693

Golaghat, 273008

Reshma R

Verified Credentials
Counselling Psychologist

Reshma Raju is a Counseling Psychologist and Women's Health Coach. Through Positive Psychology, Health Psychology, Nutrition and Mindful Therapy she works with mothers and young wo... Read More

Ph: 8884447006

Bangalore, 560024

Aishwarya K

Counselor and Therapist

Hello, I'm Aishwarya Kalra. I've been working as a psychologist since January 2020. I hold a Master's Degree in Clinical Psychology and I am a life member of the Counsellors Counci... Read More

Ph: 8830324271

Pune, 411021

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