Family and Child C

Verified Credentials
Counselor or Therapist, PT India 00212

I have over 20 years of expereince working with children and families. My specialisation is in child psychotehrapy and parent coaching. I use an integrated approach as per the need... Read More

Ph: 8851796248

Delhi, 110019

Nazema S

Verified Credentials
Clinical Psychologist, M. Phil. (Clinical Psychology) RCI registered

Clinical Psychologist and Psychotherapist... Read More

Ph: 8149426571

Mumbai, 400059

Suneel u

Verified Credentials
Counselor and Therapist

Psychological counselling for mental health, addictions and wellness.... Read More

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Delhi, 110017

Rekhawagani e

Verified Credentials

I started my journey as a consultant psychologist from 2006. Till now I have opted various role like a self-awareness trainer, consultant psychologist, teacher and researcher at va... Read More

Ph: 9820794095

Panvel, 410206


Verified Credentials
Clinical Psychologist

Assessment:-IQ-Specific learning disability-Neuropsychological evaluation-Personality testing etc. Therapies:-Cognitive Behavioural therapy-Behavioral therapy-Acceptance and Commi... Read More

Ph: 8076575264

Delhi, 110085

Vidula S

Verified Credentials
Clinical Psychologist

An aspiring Psychologist with Clinical specialization, wishing to contribute to the mental health community. ... Read More

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Mumbai, 400606

Kailash T

Verified Credentials

Gestalt Psychology, Stress Management, Counselling.... Read More

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Delhi, 110055

Kalpana (Rehabilitation counselor-) R

Child & Adolescent Psychologist


Verified Credentials
Cognitive Analytic Therapy

“Vinod Victor is a practicing psychotherapist, having trained in CAT (Cognitive Analytic Therapy); and also a trained Marriage and Family Therapist. As a CAT practitioner, he foc... Read More

Ph: 7795050401

Bangalore, 560046

Shubhangi h

Verified Credentials
Clinical Psychologist

Clinical Psychology and Counselling... Read More

Ph: 7988338510

Jaipur, 302020

Therapists: 41 - 50 of 1948